A believer writes to JM for President Movement

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

We believe that the good Senator will respond to this letter writer as we believe that the questions posed are of utmost importance. The Jamby Madrigal for President Movement surges ever forward!

Dear Senator,

First of all, I am informing you that I was not able to post comment on your post on "Makabayan Party, Launched" even if I have tried for at least three times.

Your Makabayan Party has caught my attention. I am now trying to review your past pronouncements and actions, efforts to get information on it have been scant because of small business, small financial, professional and personal mostly administrative problems taking so much of my time. The little information I have on you gave me an impression of you as somebody having an image of being nationalistic.

Still I am attracted because among the 2010 presidential candidates, only you seem to:
be radical;
  • be open to all spectrum of political orientations;
  • have participated in rallies like former Vice President Guingona Jr., which were attacked by the
  • GMA police;
  • be uncompromising in stance on corruption;
  • have been bridging the psychological-social gap between the rich and the poor;
  • have a kind of nationalism more on the idealistic than on the pragmatic;
  • and have been providing big support to soldiers resisting the GMA infected government.

I am just wondering ma'am on what you think of the following issues:
  • continued control of the Americans on our military and foreign affairs from the 1900s till now;
  • continued control of the Chinese on our economy since the 1900s till now;
  • open market versus protectionism;
  • our nationalism compared with that of respected nations like France, Germany, Finland, Israel, Japan and Vietnam.
  • GMA pending corruption cases;
  • GMA desaparecido cases;
  • GMA handing over to foreigners our Sabah, Spratleys and other vital assets;
  • and the Philippine Baseline proposal by Sen Trillanes and the handling of it by GMA.

I am concerened ma'am because until now, I have not seen anybody who could lead us Filipinos to recover our whole nation for us. I want somebody who is not the least of all evils but a leader not just presidential but leader under any circumstances, who could rally us all to resist and break the clutches of evil.

If I have found one, then I may be recharged to channel my little energy that I have towards that person.

Good luck and may God be with you.

Respectfully yours,

José Miguel García


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