three-cornered presidential contest: jamby, nick perlas and JC

>> Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's a good thing that Jamby Madrigal had made good her promise to seek the Presidency in 2010. I thought my prayers would never be heard and that the Gods had fallen deaf, failing to listen to my supplications.

At the very least, even if she loses, Manny Villar will definitely have the head ache of his life and this will certainly boost the chances of Noynoy Aquino to win as President.


Jamby leads in UP mock elections

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yey! Our good senator is gaining ground among our country's intellectuals. No less than students of the University of the Philippines gave her a thumbs up as a top choice for President.

Jamby’ takes fourth lead in UP mock elections

Opposition Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero has emerged the top choice for the presidency of University of the Philippines students, according to the results of a campus-wide mock election.

The mock election was initiated by the Alpha Sigma Fraternity, which tallied the votes of 3,156 undergraduate students in 18 different colleges of UP-Diliman, which make up around 10 percent of the campus’ more than 22,000 under­gradu;ate students. Voting was conducted from September 8 to 15.

Escudero, a UP alumnus and member of the Alpha Phi Beta fraternity, garnered 690 votes, constituting 21 percent of participating students. He was followed by Sen. Manny Villar, another UP alumnus, with 365 votes, or 11.6 percent, and Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino 3rd, with 278 votes, or 8.8 percent.

Meanwhile, 267 students, or 8.5 percent of the participants chose to abstain.

Simoun Salinas, spokesperson for Alpha Sigma, said the mock election aimed to inspire awareness among UP students regarding the looming national elections. The event also highlighted the 47th anniversary celebration of the fraternity.

Logistics head Marc Aquimatang said the results of the mock election more or less reflected the disposition of UP students, considering that most college students fall within the voting age of 18.

At the bottom rung of the mock election results were Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro with 51 votes (1.6 percent), former President Joseph Estrada with 35 votes (1.1 percent) and Sen. Panfilo Lacson with three votes (0.09 percent).


Davao City supports Jamby Madrigal for President

>> Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has thrown his support behind Senator Jamby Madrigal after she paid him a short visit over the long weekend.

Duterte hasn't formally announced his support but the word is that this will be done at a proper time.

POLITICIANS coveting the presidential seat on 2010 will be given nothing but support, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said on Sunday.

In his program, “Gikan sa Masa para sa Masa,” Duterte said presidential wannabes who came here since the Kadayawan to see the mayor were all friendly visits.

The latest of them was Senator Jamby Madrigal who came to see the mayor last Saturday. “She did not make final plans yet,” he said in the vernacular. “So I simply listened and she didn’t make herself clear on whether she is asking for help,” he said.

Duterte recalled Senators Mar Roxas, Chiz Escudero and Bong Revilla came during the Kadayawan and talked about their interest in running for the presidential seat.
Senator Noynoy Aquino also met with Duterte in a closed-door discussion at the Marco Polo Hotel on Thursday. He said Aquino has not yet decided if he would really run. But he advised Aquino there is a strong need to organize his camp if he is eyeing for a national campaign.“There was no commitment for him to run and no commitment from me to support,” he said.
“The most I could really offer is the support. Just that. No politics,” the mayor said.


A believer writes to JM for President Movement

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

We believe that the good Senator will respond to this letter writer as we believe that the questions posed are of utmost importance. The Jamby Madrigal for President Movement surges ever forward!

Dear Senator,

First of all, I am informing you that I was not able to post comment on your post on "Makabayan Party, Launched" even if I have tried for at least three times.

Your Makabayan Party has caught my attention. I am now trying to review your past pronouncements and actions, efforts to get information on it have been scant because of small business, small financial, professional and personal mostly administrative problems taking so much of my time. The little information I have on you gave me an impression of you as somebody having an image of being nationalistic.

Still I am attracted because among the 2010 presidential candidates, only you seem to:
be radical;
  • be open to all spectrum of political orientations;
  • have participated in rallies like former Vice President Guingona Jr., which were attacked by the
  • GMA police;
  • be uncompromising in stance on corruption;
  • have been bridging the psychological-social gap between the rich and the poor;
  • have a kind of nationalism more on the idealistic than on the pragmatic;
  • and have been providing big support to soldiers resisting the GMA infected government.

I am just wondering ma'am on what you think of the following issues:
  • continued control of the Americans on our military and foreign affairs from the 1900s till now;
  • continued control of the Chinese on our economy since the 1900s till now;
  • open market versus protectionism;
  • our nationalism compared with that of respected nations like France, Germany, Finland, Israel, Japan and Vietnam.
  • GMA pending corruption cases;
  • GMA desaparecido cases;
  • GMA handing over to foreigners our Sabah, Spratleys and other vital assets;
  • and the Philippine Baseline proposal by Sen Trillanes and the handling of it by GMA.

I am concerened ma'am because until now, I have not seen anybody who could lead us Filipinos to recover our whole nation for us. I want somebody who is not the least of all evils but a leader not just presidential but leader under any circumstances, who could rally us all to resist and break the clutches of evil.

If I have found one, then I may be recharged to channel my little energy that I have towards that person.

Good luck and may God be with you.

Respectfully yours,

José Miguel García


Greyhound racing is EVIL

>> Friday, August 28, 2009

pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat
Senator Jamby is against greyhound racing and is going to get international support from others who are also against greyhound racing.

Here's a website that is devoted to fighting the evils of greyhound racing:

The work of the Greyhound Protection League is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of gentle, trusting greyhounds killed in the prime of life during the 80 years of pari-mutuel dog racing in America. The primary purpose of this website is to bear witness to the tragic history of the racing greyhound so that the world will never again be lulled into silence, ignorance or indifference.

The unbridled expansion of dog racing during the 20th Century spawned a greyhound breeding frenzy that culminated in the death of tens of thousands of uncompetitive greyhounds every year. As expendable by-products of the racing system, the sacrifice of these young lives was considered acceptable in the interest of state-budget deficits, gambling profits and free market enterprise; but not to everyone . . .

Founded in 1991, the Greyhound Protection League was the first organization of its kind to break the silence and speak out nationally against the atrocities inflicted upon racing greyhounds. GPL is a national, non-profit, all volunteer organization committed to protecting racing greyhounds from exploitation, mistreatment and abuse. Our work is pursued both on the front lines and behind the scenes through the valiant efforts of dedicated volunteers across the country, each of whom is also involved in the hands-on greyhound rescue movement.
In addition to our educational and investigative work, GPL is dedicated to all aspects of greyhound welfare, including the use of our financial resources for special-needs adoptions and emergency hauling expenses for the relocation of at-risk greyhounds.

For nearly two decades GPL has been the primary source for well-researched information about the internal workings of the greyhound racing system. Our in-depth investigations and exposés revealing the seamy underbelly of dog racing have altered the perception that greyhound racing is a harmless spectator “sport” to the blunt reality that greyhound racing has been responsible for incalculable animal suffering and the routine killing of thousands of young, healthy greyhounds each year. The League’s fact-based revelations about what goes on beyond the glitz and glamour of the grandstand has put immense pressure on the racing industry to reform and focus on the welfare of the greyhound racing dogs who are the very life-blood of industry profits.

Fate has brought us full circle. In 21st Century America, it is the racing industry itself that is facing a death sentence for failure to deliver a winning performance in the economic arena. Changes in societal values, competition from other forms of gaming, media exposés and pressure from the humane community have all taken their toll.

However, complacency is not in order; numerous tracks and breeding farms remain in operation. Reduced breeding numbers have not eased the burden on adoption groups and the shuttering of a track puts hundreds more greyhounds at risk. With accountability for dogs exiting a track remaining the single most elusive element in the racing system, the Greyhound Protection League will continue its vigilance and the pursuit of justice and a decent life for every greyhound.
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Sen. Jamby Madrigal invocation for former President Cory

We ask the Almighty, at this time of national mourning for Corazon C. Aquino, to look kindly upon a people who are bereft, as Mrs. Aquino's family is bereft, because of her passing.

Time, it is said, heals all wounds; this has been a time indeed when, the rancor of yesterday has been replaced by the words of personal esteem addressed to Cory Aquino's kith and kin, and through them, to the nation, by those with whom Mrs. Aquino had differences on fundamental political questions in the past.

It is meaningful for a nation to see erstwhile detractors cast off the recriminations of the past, in human, and humane, tribute to Mrs. Aquino, of whom no one could ever deny, that her lone ambition was to keep faith with her husband, and the manner in which he had consecrated himself to our nation.

This chamber is not the same one, in its physical sense, as the one Mrs. Aquino's husband was a member of.

But it is, in the spiritual, the legal, the idealistic sense, the same one as Ninoy served in and in which Noynoy serves today, he, to whom this chamber and an entire country has expressed such solidarity these past mournful days.

And so it is in memory of, and with imperishable affection for, Cory Aquino, wife and mother, President and moral compass of a country, that we address the Almighty today.

May this noble chamber never surrender, may it never be suppressed; may we all, in the fullness of our own lives as servants of the people, be able to depart with the joyful and serene knowledge Cory had at the end of her hers -that she had done a people proud, and done God's will.


Cecile Zamora Van Straten... You are going DOWN!

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Livid. That is one word that would describe Senator Jamby Madrigal after she learned that Cecile Zamora Van Straten was at the center of spreading pictures of an alleged bracelet of yellow beads that had her picture on it.

Senator Madrigal is quite certain Cecile Zamora Van Straten posted the picture of the beads as a comment in and hid herself behind a pseudonym.

This blogger, who is poor imitation of bryanboy, had the gall to post the comment on her own blog without even ascertaining whether the alleged bracelet was true or not.

She's a paid hack who is using Philippine Star to promote her husband's restaurant, Pepper Lunch -- which should be renamed Pukefest Lunch, because the lunch they serve looks like vomit.

Senator Madrigal warns that Pepper Lunch serves food that she wouldn't even think of feeding her dogs. It would be the height of cruelty to animals if they had to eat double dead cows, diseased pigs, and prion laden sheep as well as monggo sprouts that were grown in Cecile's own toilet at home.

Emphasize the Yuck in TeppanYUCKY!

Cecile will never in a million years approximate Bryanboy, who Jamby believes is far better than Chuvaness.

Madrigal wonders why people even bother with Chuvaness' fashion advice as it really comes from bad fashion sense and people who don't know better just mistake her bad fashion sense for adroitness.

Take this endorsement in her blog of shoes that people wouldn't even wear in the 80's -- a period in which Cecile is stuck in.

Where does she get her ideas? Is she channeling Cyndi Lauper, Bjork or Prince?


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