A believer writes to JM for President Movement

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

We believe that the good Senator will respond to this letter writer as we believe that the questions posed are of utmost importance. The Jamby Madrigal for President Movement surges ever forward!

Dear Senator,

First of all, I am informing you that I was not able to post comment on your post on "Makabayan Party, Launched" even if I have tried for at least three times.

Your Makabayan Party has caught my attention. I am now trying to review your past pronouncements and actions, efforts to get information on it have been scant because of small business, small financial, professional and personal mostly administrative problems taking so much of my time. The little information I have on you gave me an impression of you as somebody having an image of being nationalistic.

Still I am attracted because among the 2010 presidential candidates, only you seem to:
be radical;
  • be open to all spectrum of political orientations;
  • have participated in rallies like former Vice President Guingona Jr., which were attacked by the
  • GMA police;
  • be uncompromising in stance on corruption;
  • have been bridging the psychological-social gap between the rich and the poor;
  • have a kind of nationalism more on the idealistic than on the pragmatic;
  • and have been providing big support to soldiers resisting the GMA infected government.

I am just wondering ma'am on what you think of the following issues:
  • continued control of the Americans on our military and foreign affairs from the 1900s till now;
  • continued control of the Chinese on our economy since the 1900s till now;
  • open market versus protectionism;
  • our nationalism compared with that of respected nations like France, Germany, Finland, Israel, Japan and Vietnam.
  • GMA pending corruption cases;
  • GMA desaparecido cases;
  • GMA handing over to foreigners our Sabah, Spratleys and other vital assets;
  • and the Philippine Baseline proposal by Sen Trillanes and the handling of it by GMA.

I am concerened ma'am because until now, I have not seen anybody who could lead us Filipinos to recover our whole nation for us. I want somebody who is not the least of all evils but a leader not just presidential but leader under any circumstances, who could rally us all to resist and break the clutches of evil.

If I have found one, then I may be recharged to channel my little energy that I have towards that person.

Good luck and may God be with you.

Respectfully yours,

José Miguel García


Greyhound racing is EVIL

>> Friday, August 28, 2009

pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat pepper lunch greyhound meat
Senator Jamby is against greyhound racing and is going to get international support from others who are also against greyhound racing.

Here's a website that is devoted to fighting the evils of greyhound racing:

The work of the Greyhound Protection League is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of gentle, trusting greyhounds killed in the prime of life during the 80 years of pari-mutuel dog racing in America. The primary purpose of this website is to bear witness to the tragic history of the racing greyhound so that the world will never again be lulled into silence, ignorance or indifference.

The unbridled expansion of dog racing during the 20th Century spawned a greyhound breeding frenzy that culminated in the death of tens of thousands of uncompetitive greyhounds every year. As expendable by-products of the racing system, the sacrifice of these young lives was considered acceptable in the interest of state-budget deficits, gambling profits and free market enterprise; but not to everyone . . .

Founded in 1991, the Greyhound Protection League was the first organization of its kind to break the silence and speak out nationally against the atrocities inflicted upon racing greyhounds. GPL is a national, non-profit, all volunteer organization committed to protecting racing greyhounds from exploitation, mistreatment and abuse. Our work is pursued both on the front lines and behind the scenes through the valiant efforts of dedicated volunteers across the country, each of whom is also involved in the hands-on greyhound rescue movement.
In addition to our educational and investigative work, GPL is dedicated to all aspects of greyhound welfare, including the use of our financial resources for special-needs adoptions and emergency hauling expenses for the relocation of at-risk greyhounds.

For nearly two decades GPL has been the primary source for well-researched information about the internal workings of the greyhound racing system. Our in-depth investigations and exposés revealing the seamy underbelly of dog racing have altered the perception that greyhound racing is a harmless spectator “sport” to the blunt reality that greyhound racing has been responsible for incalculable animal suffering and the routine killing of thousands of young, healthy greyhounds each year. The League’s fact-based revelations about what goes on beyond the glitz and glamour of the grandstand has put immense pressure on the racing industry to reform and focus on the welfare of the greyhound racing dogs who are the very life-blood of industry profits.

Fate has brought us full circle. In 21st Century America, it is the racing industry itself that is facing a death sentence for failure to deliver a winning performance in the economic arena. Changes in societal values, competition from other forms of gaming, media exposés and pressure from the humane community have all taken their toll.

However, complacency is not in order; numerous tracks and breeding farms remain in operation. Reduced breeding numbers have not eased the burden on adoption groups and the shuttering of a track puts hundreds more greyhounds at risk. With accountability for dogs exiting a track remaining the single most elusive element in the racing system, the Greyhound Protection League will continue its vigilance and the pursuit of justice and a decent life for every greyhound.
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Sen. Jamby Madrigal invocation for former President Cory

We ask the Almighty, at this time of national mourning for Corazon C. Aquino, to look kindly upon a people who are bereft, as Mrs. Aquino's family is bereft, because of her passing.

Time, it is said, heals all wounds; this has been a time indeed when, the rancor of yesterday has been replaced by the words of personal esteem addressed to Cory Aquino's kith and kin, and through them, to the nation, by those with whom Mrs. Aquino had differences on fundamental political questions in the past.

It is meaningful for a nation to see erstwhile detractors cast off the recriminations of the past, in human, and humane, tribute to Mrs. Aquino, of whom no one could ever deny, that her lone ambition was to keep faith with her husband, and the manner in which he had consecrated himself to our nation.

This chamber is not the same one, in its physical sense, as the one Mrs. Aquino's husband was a member of.

But it is, in the spiritual, the legal, the idealistic sense, the same one as Ninoy served in and in which Noynoy serves today, he, to whom this chamber and an entire country has expressed such solidarity these past mournful days.

And so it is in memory of, and with imperishable affection for, Cory Aquino, wife and mother, President and moral compass of a country, that we address the Almighty today.

May this noble chamber never surrender, may it never be suppressed; may we all, in the fullness of our own lives as servants of the people, be able to depart with the joyful and serene knowledge Cory had at the end of her hers -that she had done a people proud, and done God's will.


Cecile Zamora Van Straten... You are going DOWN!

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Livid. That is one word that would describe Senator Jamby Madrigal after she learned that Cecile Zamora Van Straten was at the center of spreading pictures of an alleged bracelet of yellow beads that had her picture on it.

Senator Madrigal is quite certain Cecile Zamora Van Straten posted the picture of the beads as a comment in Chuvaness.livejournal.com and hid herself behind a pseudonym.

This blogger, who is poor imitation of bryanboy, had the gall to post the comment on her own blog without even ascertaining whether the alleged bracelet was true or not.

She's a paid hack who is using Philippine Star to promote her husband's restaurant, Pepper Lunch -- which should be renamed Pukefest Lunch, because the lunch they serve looks like vomit.

Senator Madrigal warns that Pepper Lunch serves food that she wouldn't even think of feeding her dogs. It would be the height of cruelty to animals if they had to eat double dead cows, diseased pigs, and prion laden sheep as well as monggo sprouts that were grown in Cecile's own toilet at home.

Emphasize the Yuck in TeppanYUCKY!

Cecile will never in a million years approximate Bryanboy, who Jamby believes is far better than Chuvaness.

Madrigal wonders why people even bother with Chuvaness' fashion advice as it really comes from bad fashion sense and people who don't know better just mistake her bad fashion sense for adroitness.

Take this endorsement in her blog of shoes that people wouldn't even wear in the 80's -- a period in which Cecile is stuck in.

Where does she get her ideas? Is she channeling Cyndi Lauper, Bjork or Prince?


Earthling Bigot

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

There is a common perception that most bloggers are stupid and opinionated people with nothing else to do.

Among the more bigoted and true to stereo-type bloggers is one who calls herself Earthling.

Whoever she is, doesn't understand that the same freedom that allows her to write her insipid and trying hard to be sosyal blog is the same freedom that allows us to expose the wrongdoings that happen in society by way of actually posting pictures of the offensive behavior.

In this case, it was Maui Taylor's nude photographs. We suspect that DJ Mo Twister originally had the pictures uploaded as a way of getting back at Taylor.

If this were a question of morality, we would like to take up the issue of the Catholic Church's view on unwed mothers with Ms. Earthling and from this point, the BIGOTRY will be quite clear.

From what I gather, AC/DC journalism is also UNETHICAL and a repugnant blight against those who claim to serve the profession.


Senator Jamby to call for permanent closure of Embassy club

We've heard that Senator Jamby Madrigal rejoiced over the recent closure of the Embassy Super Club which, apart from hosting all sorts of shady characters, has also been a hotspot of criminal activities.

Senator Madrigal wants the club permanently closed so that it will no longer lead to the corruption of the country's youth.

It is said that the money that flows through the shabu tiangges of Mandaluyong is but a drop in the bucket when compared to the oodles of cocaine money that changes hands between dealer and user. And this is why fights break out and people get hurt.

Here is an excerpt from the Manila Bulletin article on the closure of Embassy:

The Taguig City government ordered Friday the immediate closure of a popular disco bar at the Bonifacio Global City, following the stabbing and serious wounding of a customer by a club habitué and the alleged escape of the suspect in connivance with three employees.

Taguig City Business Permits and Licenses Office head Jeff Minglana said the Embassy Super Club and Embassy Cuisine at the Fort Strip will remain closed “until such time that a full investigation on the incident by proper authorities is conducted and completed.”

Minglana said he was directed by Mayor Sigfrido Tinga to serve the closure order on the club based on the complaint of the stabbing victim.

Minglana said the stabbing happened in the premises of Embassy Cuisine at about 1:30 a.m. last Tuesday, Aug. 18. The alleged connivance between the bouncers and
the suspect reportedly facilitated the escape of the assailant.

Taguig police chief, Sr. Supt. Camilo Cascolan, said the victim was a 34-year-old businessman whose name was withheld for security reasons. His alleged attacker was identified as a certain “Kilikan Jimenez.”

Tim Yap may find himself in the limelight. We gather that Senator Jamby Madrigal is already preparing to launch a full investigation into the goings on at the Embassy Super Club in Taguig -- which, by the way, is the bailiwick of Senator Alan Peter "Aw Aw" Cayetano.

Apart from Yap, Senator Madrigal is also going after Chuvaness aka Cecille Zamora Van Straten. Being a publicist and known promoter of the superclub, Cecille aka Chuvaness reaped the ire of Madrigal for being at the center of spreading pictures of a bracelet which was allegedly distributed during Cory Aquino's funeral.

Despite being the niece of known opposition congressman Ronaldo Zamora, Madrigal promises to make Chuvaness eat her laptop for spreading lies which have damaged her credibility as a Presidential candidate.

To quote Madrigal, "Cecille ought to know that she cannot hide behind her Uncle's fat, flatulent ass! I'll get her, if that is the last thing I do."

Madrigal denies that she had given away bracelets during the Cory Aquino funeral and said
that it may have actually been her detractors who gave away the bracelet with her picture on it.


Jamby Madrigal, the dragon slayer, goes after Enrique Razon Jr.

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

After dealing a crippling blow to Senator Manny Villar, Senator Jamby Madrigal is now going after another huge dragon of corruption and the new target is Enrique Razon Jr., the Chairman and President of ICTSI.

Razon's name has frequently cropped up in a number of scams involving President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, which include the NBN ZTE debacle.

We applaud Senator Jamby for this move, for if anyone can teach these bully billionaires a lesson, it is you. Pretty soon, these corruptors and grafters will all go down!

Razon on Senate probe: No comment

August 20, 2009 03:20:00
Gil C. Cabacungan Jr. TJ Burgonio
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—Businessman Enrique Razon JR. Wednesday declined to comment on calls in the Senate for a probe of the contract awarded to his company, Monte Oro Resources & Energy Inc., for coal mining exploration in Catanduanes province and on allegations made by Sen. Jamby Madrigal.

“I’m not going to make a statement on that,” Razon, a close ally of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, said in a text message to the Philippine Daily Inquirer Wednesday.

Madrigal on Tuesday said that the awarding of the coal contract to Monte Oro was “lutong macaw” (predetermined) and a display of crony capitalism.

Monte Oro is owned by Razon through Sureste Properties.

Monte Oro’s wholly owned subsidiary is a member of a consortium that won a 25-year franchise in 2007 to operate the national grid system of National Transmission Corp. (Transco) with a bid of $3.95 billion.

Probe to push through

The sale of Transco assets has been described as the biggest privatization in Philippine history.

Madrigal Wednesday said the Senate inquiry into how Monte Oro was able to bag a controversial coal mining contract in Catanduanes would push ahead even if the owner of the “crony corporation” said he had abandoned the project.

“The bare denial by Monte Oro Resources Inc. and its subsequent insistence that it has abandoned the project site is immaterial,” the senator said, noting that the issue was how Monte Oro got the contract.

“Did it use its influence with Malacañang to get the contract? This issue only proves that Arroyo cronies are alive and kicking,” said Madrigal, who sought an inquiry into the issue by the Senate environment and blue ribbon committees.

Madrigal, who chairs the Senate environment committee, was reacting to Razon’s statement that his company had abandoned its search for coal in Catanduanes as early as last year.

The Catholic Church and various groups are opposing the awarding of 7,000 hectares of land in the province to Monte Oro, saying that no public consultation was made.

Palaca: Shed light, not hit

Malacañang Wednesday grudgingly supported Madrigal’s resolution seeking an inquiry into the awarding of a coal operating contract without public consultation to Monte Oro.

Gary Olivar, economic presidential spokesperson, said he hoped that the move would help shed light on the issue.

“This is an independent move of a member of an independent branch of government. We have to assume that the senator planned her investigation with only the best of motives in mind,” he told reporters in a briefing.

Olivar said that so far oversight over such matter was being “adequately handled” by the Department of Energy.

“If the senator feels differently about that for good reason, and she wants to launch her investigation, she’s certainly fit to go ahead,” he added.

“This is what we can say to the senator: ‘We hope you’re on this to shed light, not hit.’”

Olivar said the contract awarded to Monte Oro had become a big issue “because of allegations that one of the principals has political connections. But as far as I can see, that aside, these are the things we encounter every day every time there’s a mining proposal.”


In a statement, Madrigal insisted that the awarding of the contract to Monte Oro was “illegal” because no public hearing and no environmental impact assessment were undertaken.

The contract also violated the Renewable Energy Act, which seeks the sustainable development of alternative energy resources, according to Madrigal.

“This has got to stop,” she said. “The cronies of Ms Arroyo should be investigated and if proven guilty, they should be prosecuted by the law.”

For her part, Sen. Loren Legarda said there was a need to find out the real score behind the controversy as she stressed that coal was “one of the biggest polluters.”

“Does this project have an environmental impact assessment before exploration was done? Are they now mining coal or not?” Legarda told reporters. With a report from Christine O. Avendaño


Jamby Madrigal's rectitude against dog racing proven once more

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This article is a telling sign that the proponents of legalizing dog racing in Cebu have connections with narco politics in Miami.

By blocking the dog racing bill, our senator Jamby is also stopping the incursion of Miami narcotics and gambling mafias from Miami who are looking for fertile ground for their cruel sport. Talk is that the Miami drugs and gambling mafia are eyeing Cebu because of the lower cost of operations as well as the number of very "friendly" politicians there.

Greyhound Racing Suspended in Rhode Island; Racing Opponents Eye Florida
By Michael J. Mooney in Florida, Politics, SportsThursday, Aug. 13 2009 @ 8:56AM

"Wouldn't you rather pet me than bet on me?"
​Last weekend, greyhound racing was suspended at Twin River, the only active track in Rhode Island. The track is bankrupt, in part it says, because of the cost of dog racing.
The state assembly there is trying to revive the moribund industry, but the track has let go all 27 greyhound-related employees.

If the stoppage sticks, Rhode Island will join New Hampshire and Massachusetts, which both recently ended racing. (The ban in Mass goes into effect in 2010.)

But as New England goes fronton-free, racing opponents look again to the Florida, the Mecca of dog racing in this country.

"As long as dog racing continues in the Sunshine State, thousands of greyhounds will suffer terribly," says Christine A. Dorchak, Esq., president of Grey2K, the largest anti-dog racing lobby in the country. Grey2K is based in Massachusetts, but keeps full-time lobbyists in Florida.

I wrote about the state of the industry (and that beautiful black greyhound you see here) in a May cover story you can read here.

"At tracks from Jacksonville to Miami to Pensacola, greyhounds live confined in small, stacked cages for long hours each day. When allowed out to race, they face the risk of serious injury. Recently, a dog named Birthday Toy was electrocuted while racing at the Sandford-Orlando track. Another dog named Jawa Spock was euthanized two days later at the Palm Beach Kennel Club after falling and breaking both of his back legs," Dorchak told me.

An employee at the Florida Kennels (who asked to remain anonymous) said that some trainers and kennel owners are, in fact, preparing for an influx of New England dogs to Florida this fall.

These are truly troubled times for the dog racing industry.


Senator Jamby Madrigal scores a victory for women's rights

Senator Jamby Madrigal scored a crucial victory for women's rights with the signing of the Magna Carta of Women.

THE Magna Carta of Women, which prohibits discrimination against women and recognizes, promotes, and protects their rights, was signed into law Friday by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The signing of Republic Act (RA) 9710 was held at Malacañang’s Rizal Hall at 10 a.m.
Present during the signing ceremony were Senators Jamby Madrigal, Ramon Revilla Jr., and Juan Miguel Zubiri; congressmen led by Speaker Prospero Nograles Jr.; officials of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW) led by chairman Myrna Yao, and representatives of women’s groups and non-government organizations.

According to Yao, the Magna Carta of Women will protect women from all forms of violence, including those committed by the government.

“It also provides for mandatory training on human rights and gender sensitivity by all government personnel involved in the protection and defense of women against gender-based violence,” she added.


Villar is going down, down, down!

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

Senator Manuel Itik-itik Villar must have choked when Senator Jamby Madrigal resumed her hearing on the C-5 investigations.

Villar made a potshot against our Senator Madrigal and said that the hearing was in aid of election. And this is perhaps only because he has found someone who has more money than he does and has a bigger team on the ground. Senator Madrigal is a real threat to Villar, and he knows it, and this is why he is shivering in the knees right now.

Villar ‘modus operandi’ bared in Senate probe
By Maila Ager
First Posted 10:17:00 08/12/2009

Filed Under: Politics, Graft & Corruption, Laws
MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE 4) A “modus operandi” that allegedly multiplied the profits by companies owned by Senator Manny Villar and wife Las Pinas Representative Cynthia Villar has been exposed at the resumption of the Senate investigation into the alleged anomalous construction of the C-5 road project in Paranaque City.

Testifying at the Senate committee of the whole on Wednesday, Senator Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal revealed how the couple used their corporations to get a P3.5-billion loan from the Central Bank.

She said Adelfa Properties and Link holdings Inc. owned by the couple bought three lands owned by Enrique Factor, Maria Rodriguez, and Iluminada Rordiguez for P11 million, P11.3 million, and P18.7 million, respectively.

But after only 10 days, Madrigal said, the lands had been mortgaged to the Capitol Development Bank, also owned by the couple, for P100 million except for the third land, which only cost P81.5 million. Senator Villar was congressman at that time.

She noted that the amount approved by the bank for the first two lands was 10 times of the original price while the third land was four times of the original amount.

After two and a half years, however, the bank declared bankruptcy in 1999 and availed of an emergency fund amounting to P3.5 billion from the Central Bank using the lands as collateral.

But these lands, Madrigal said, were also sold by Villars’ corporations to the government when the C-5 construction passed through these properties.

“Nanganak ng nanganak ng pera para sa korporasyon ni Villar. Nakakagulat, paano nila ginawa ito [It earned money for Villar’s corporations. It’s shocking how they did it],” she said.

She branded this modus-operandi as the “grandfather” of the Legacy scam.

“Ito yata ang lolo ng Legacy scam. Tulad Legacy scam maraming tao ang napinsala [This is perhaps the grandfather of the Legacy scam. Like the Legacy scam, many were adversely affected],” Madrigal said.

The Senate committee of the whole has resumed its hearing on the ethics complaint filed against Villar over the alleged anomalous construction of the C-5 road extension project in Paranaque City.

Nine senators, including complainant Madrigal, were present when the committee headed by Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile began a little past 10 a.m.

Villar has repeatedly denied the allegation. Both Villar and Madrigal have declared their intention to run for president in 2010.

But Enrile noted that until now, Villar has not yet indicated his intention to participate in the proceeding.

Villar and his colleagues in the new minority group in the Senate agreed to boycott the proceeding, saying the rules of the committee were designed to pin down the respondent.

“There’s nothing that will prevent them from participating. They are welcome to participate but we can’t compel them to participate,” he said.

Escudero reiterated his call for the respondent to use the opportunity to answer the accusation being thrown at him and to shed light on the issue.


Senator Jamby Madrigal's Presidential campaign gains ground

>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We, the believers of Senator Jamby Madrigal's Presidency, do hereby declare our support for her upcoming electoral race in 2010 and pledge to campaign for her.

We're a small group but we are also committed to the causes espoused by Senator Madrigal. We want an end to corruption and want to see Senator Manny Villar torn from the roster of Senators. We want to see real progress in our country's environmental conservation and preservation efforts. And most of all, we want an end to animal cruelty and salute her stand against dog racing!

Here is Senator Madrigal's statement.

At long last, I have reached my decision.

During the month-long break and in the silence of my two-week retreat, I came to realize that the path I should take would be to serve my country in a greater capacity.

This I do, not out of personal ambition, but to share a vision that has been honed by my family’s more than 100 years of service to the country.

My grandfather, Kapampangan hero and martyr Jose Abad Santos, has inspired me since childhood. From his heroism I learned true courage. From his example I learned the true meaning of integrity and justice. Dacal pung salamat, Ingcong Senseng.
My grand uncle – Pedro Abad Santos, founder of the Socialist Party of the Philippines whose love for the Filipino farmer cannot be measured – taught me the true meaning of conviction and palabra de honor.

My paternal grandfather, Bicolano Senator Vicente Madrigal, taught me how to love God and country. He inspired me to pray the rosary daily in devotion to Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia. Abuelo, dios mabalos!

Thank you for being my inspiration.

During my term as senator, I have never compromised the people’s welfare for personal gain. My voting record in the Senate speaks for itself. Where others have faltered, I have been decisive. I voted no against the E-VAT and other anti-poor tax measures. I also voted against the JPEPA which would result in loss of jobs and income to our farmers, fishermen and the poor in general. I was the sole dissenting voice in the Senate against the Anti-Terrorism Law in defense of human rights.

I continue to fight corruption with neither fear nor favor, be it the President of the Philippines or a colleague in the Senate because they have used their positions for personal gain to the detriment of the Filipino people.

I continue to fight for the rights of the vulnerable and the downtrodden: women, children and our indigenous brothers and sisters. After languishing in Congress for over a decade, the Magna Carta for Women was finally passed under my chairmanship. In defense of our children, I passed the Anti-Child Pornography Law.

I continue to fight for the rights of our indigenous brothers and sisters who continue to be victims of illegal logging, mining and greedy corporate interests.
Panahon na upang makabawi ang Pilipino! Panahon na para ang gobyerno naman ang mamuhunan sa taongbayan!

Many have asked me to be an agent of change. Although I find the task daunting, I now choose to face the challenge squarely. I believe I am an agent of change because I have the resources to run a campaign without being indebted to vested interests.
My goal is selfless service, pure and simple. I will pay my debt only to the country. This country has given me so much and my gift to our people is to change their lives for the better.

Hindi ako magbabayad ng anumang utang na loob kundi sa sambayanang Pilipino. Sa aking paniniwala, ito ang tanging paraan upang matigil ang korapsyon. Ito ang tanging paraan upang makabawi tayo.

Nagpapasalamat ako sa ating mga kababayan sa inyong pagtitiwala.

Gusto ko ring pasalamatan ang aking mahal na Tita Chito na naniwala sa akin.
Salamat kay Juday sa kanyang malaking tulong at kay Presidente Estrada sa pagpili nya sa akin na mapabilang sa senatorial slate ng oposisyon noong 2004. Nagpapasalamat din ako kay FPJ at Susan Roces sa kanilang suporta.

Kung hindi dahil sa inyo, hindi ako naging senador.

Lastly, I should also thank PGMA, with whom I worked briefly when she was senator and vice-president, for showing me what NOT to become.

The country has been good to me and my family and this is my way of giving back.
Today, I cross the Rubicon. I am certain in my decision to run for the presidency of the Republic of the Philippines and file my candidacy without hesitation on 30 November 2009.

And to those of you who may question my personal motives, I have none. My only goal is plain and simple. Simple lang ang layunin ko -- ang maglingkod nang tapat sa inyo.
Panahon na para makabawi ang Pilipino!

31 July 2009
City of Makati


Presidential Candidate Jamby to help Brian Gorrell find DJ Montano

>> Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brian Shane Gorrell has finally found a very powerful ally in the person of Senator and Presidential Candidate Jamby Madrigal.

We overheard Senator Jamby that she will help Brian Gorrell bring the elusive Delfin DJ Montano to justice.

Oh Yes!

We heard that she had known about Gorrell's plight but had only recently decided to help him go after Delfin DJ Montano, whom some other bloggers say, is continuing to victimize other people.

DJ Montano STOLE over $70,000 from Gorrell. Borrowed and refused to pay is another way of putting it but, if that is the case, the debt should have been settled by now.

Just as she called a hearing on the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili sex tapes (and vowed to go after the drug pushers of Kho -- who was said to have stolen his private stash of sex tapes), Senator Jamby Madrigal intends to hold a hearing in aid of legislation on the case of DJ Montano.

She plans to subpoena not only DJ Montano, but also Tim Yap, Celine Lopez and even Raul Manzano to shed light on Brian's accusations of drug use in high society. And she has vowed to have them arrested immediately for contempt if they do not show their faces at the Senate during her hearing.

In the meantime Brian, hold on. Justice is coming! Here is Brian's story and it angered Jamby so much -- the Third Sex now has a POWERFUL defender!


Jamby knows how to speak in Portugese, French, and other tongues

Senator Jamby Madrigal will be a great speaker for the country, especially with non-English speaking countries of the first world.

Here's an excerpt from the column of Rina Jimenez David.

AT ONE point during the meeting between visiting East Timorese parliamentarians and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Sen. Jamby Madrigal, Madrigal addressed the visitors directly and began to speak in fluent, flawless Portuguese.

The visitors all smiled and were visibly pleased that one of our legislators could converse in one of their national languages (the other is Tetum, also Tetun, the indigenous language). Filipinos in the room initially thought that Madrigal was speaking in Spanish, which for Filipinos of her background and origins was not so unusual. But it soon became evident that she was speaking the language of East Timor’s former colonial power.

It turns out that Madrigal had lived for some years in Portugal as a young woman, training in dressage (competitive horse training and riding) and there had mastered the language.

The Senate President took the chance to vent his feelings of frustration that “the Filipinos chose to give up on Spanish,” adding that if we had only persisted in studying and mastering this foreign tongue, then Filipinos would have been integrated into the Spanish-speaking world, with which we share many common qualities especially our religious roots.


DJ Mo Twister talks about Jamby Madrigal

DJ Mo Twister is really asking for it and he's going to get the shock of his life.

The lecherous, foulmouthed, oompa-loompa DJ has made fun of Jamby and this blog for calling him Villar's paid hack -- which is TRUE.

His denial is coming out of his nose because it is so true that he is taking money from Manny Villar to say all those good things that politicians want to be said about him.

DJ Mo Twister shouldn't be a DJ, he should be a JUKEBOX! Put money in his pocket and he'll sing any kind of crap you want!


Senator Jamby Madrigal to combat dog racing bill

Senator Jamby Madrigal is one with dog lovers in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world.

It escaped our attention but Senator Madrigal has vowed to oppose a bill legalizing grey hound racing in Mandaue town, Cebu. She has struck a mortal blow against the bill that proposes to legalize a very addictive form of gambling which is also very cruel to dogs.

This has also dealt a severe blow to a province whose voters were said to have been responsible for electing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo -- the biggest benefactor of all the jueteng operations in the Philippines. They're temerity to espouse such a measure that promotes animal cruelty and immorality must have been doused with cold water, making them realize that their affiliation with the President won't mean a thing as they'll need Senator Jamby's go ahead in the senate to have the measure passed.

Jamby was so right in saying, “Hindi lang ako tutol sa animal cruelty pero pati na rin sa bill na nagsusulong sa sugal [I am not only against animal cruelty, but gambling as well].”

“Sa greyhound racing, pag hindi sila nanalo, pinapatay sila. Cruel talaga [In greyhound racing, the dogs are killed if they lose. It’s really cruel]."

Jamby is a long time animal lover as well as a lover and protector of the environment. She even owns a greyhound which, she explains, is among the best dog breed to own because of their intelligence and energy. To dramatize her point, she even brought Prasad to the senate so that reporters could see what a greyhound is.

Madrigal has the support of Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Iglesia ni Kristo, budhists, Muslim fundamentalists, and even atheists with a humanitarian streak.

Senator Madrigal, to drive home her point, said that Greyhound racing is in the same league as cockfighting, horse fighting and other such sports which harm animals for the sake of entertaining people.

Madrigal is probably the most humane among the senators and truly deserves our support as we continue call for her to run as President.


DJ Mo Twister to face Senate inquiry for spreading porn

DJ Mo Twister may soon be facing a vortex of controversy after his name reportedly cropped up in several discussions on the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili scandal being investigated by Senator Jamby Madrigal.

Madrigal is reportedly keen on cracking down on Twister for being at the center of several indecent and pornographic videos featuring a number of Viva Hotbabes.

The videos are still circulating on the internet and are to the mind of Senator Madrigal, still polluting the minds of the youth who eventually find them using Google.

We support moves by Senator Jamby to haul DJ Mo Twister to the Senate so he can be questioned regarding his role in not only in starring in a number of pornographic videos, but also in spreading more sexually explicit and highly scandalous pictures and videos on the internet.

We believe this will help Senator Jamby even as she perserveres in passing her Anti-Pornography law which seeks to require all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to install available technology, program or software to ensure that access to or transmittal of Child Pornography will be blocked or filtered.

Senate Bill 2317 is by far the strongest deterrent to pornography and pornographers like Mo Twister who willfully exploits women for his personal gain.

As if he hasn't sexually harassed his colleague DJ Grace Lee enough with questions about whether she enjoyed having her ass groped on their morning show today on Magic 89.9, Mo Twister is also suspected of releasing a number of graphic and sexually explicit videos on the internet in a bid to propagate his faltering showbiz career -- which was marginal to start with.

Take for instance the much sought after alleged Brian Revilla-Maui Taylor pictures, which some say was Twister's way of getting back at Maui Taylor for spuring his sexual advances.


DJ Mo Twister is Senator Villar's new puppet

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

DJ Mo Twister is Villar's paid hack and it lends a new meaning to Twister, as in twisting up facts about Villar. As his media ally, he has been contracted to serve up a tornado of blatant deceptions for the perpetrator of the anomalous road construction projects such as the C-5 which our dear Senator Jamby will continue investigating.

We've heard of radio anchors on AM stations receiving payola for attacking or promoting certain political personalities, but it's the first time we've encountered information that 89.9 Disc Jockey Mo Twister is taking money from Senator Manny Villar.

Yes dears!

The shrimp and shrimp paste smelling Twister is a paid hack of Villar C-5 at taga!

The idea may be to spice up Villar's otherwise bland image and they may be going in the right direction.
DJ Twister is a foulmouthed little cretin who pimps his co-hosts and has even starred in a number of Rated-R films which are now all over the internet. This whirling dervish of immorality and all things against public decency should be banned from radio.

We just wonder if DJ Mo will add anything good to Senator Manny Villar's image, being his LOUD MOUTHpiece, since he's such a bad father to his kids (some of which, for some reason, don't even know HE is THEIR father).
Previously, we thought Villar only bought reporters at the Senate but apparently, he has decided to go shopping in the Talipapa for dregs like Mo Twister.
Oh my god!
As if it weren't enough that he started paying lowlife tabloid reporters and TV reporters from non-ranking/non-rating stations.
Our dear senator was right in calling the denizens of the Senate Press Corps PATAY GUTOM and Villar had to get the worst of the PATAY GUTOMS... MO TWISTER.


Jamby Madrigal denies hiding cousin charged with estaffa

>> Sunday, August 2, 2009

Senator Jamby Madrigal is now hunting down the blogger Kontra Politikang Bulok (www.kontrapolitikangbulok.blogspot.com/) posting bounced checks purported issued by her cousing El Rey Madrigal Bicharra.

The alleged bouncing checks were doctored using Photoshop and were digitally manipulated.

Senator Madrigal says her cousin never issued the checks and much less denied transactions with a cellphone saleswoman in Davao City.

Madrigal said that it could be very possible that her cousin El Rey Madrigal Bicharra is a victim in a ploy to blackmail her into stopping her investigation into Senator Manny Villar's anomalous C-5 road project and could even be a ploy hatched by Lolit Solis together with Hayden Kho's drug dealer friends.


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