Dodie Puno's yacht

>> Sunday, May 31, 2009

Perhaps as the Hayden Kho sex tape controversy unfolds, we will start seeing more personalities surface in the hearings.

Drugs are not within the scope of Senador Jamby's committees but perhaps, with the cooperation of other senators, the people whose names keep coming up as possible illegal drugs suppliers of Hayden will be exposed in the Senate.

Dodie Puno is one of two names making the rounds as one of those possibly involved in supplying ecstacy to Katrina Halili.

The deal supposedly takes place in his yacht, in plain view of other members of the Philippine showbiz firmament.

The yacht, it is said, is also used to fetch massive drug hauls from ships passing through the smuggling lanes near Cavite and possibly up further north near the shores of Ilokandia.

Which makes us wonder if it is at all possible that Dodie Puno also deals with Mikey Ablan, another name circulating as the drug supplier of Hayden Kho. Ablan is said to be the grandson of Congressman Roque Ablan Jr., who was formerly at the head of the PDEA -- the country's anti-illegal drugs police.

One other name linked to Puno is Gretchen Barreto, whom showbiz wags say is amorously involved with Puno.

Puno is a lawyer by profession and is a member of the prominent Puno clan. Of late, co-clan member DILG Secretary Ronnie Puno is a Vice Presidential candidate in the making.

Now, it seems the Puno's may be going head to head with the Cojuancos on two fronts.

First, we all know that Gretchen used to be the girl of Tony Boy Cojuanco.

But, secondly, we also have to account for Gilbert Gibo Teodoro (married to Congresswoman Monica Louise Prieto of Tarlac) whose Presidential ambitions may wane and eventually find him settling for Vice President. In this case, we might have Gibo slugging it out politically with Ronnie Puno.

On one hand, we have Dodie slugging it out with Tony Boy and then Gibo slugging it out with Ronnie.

Sex, drugs, and politics. A heady and high mix.

We urge Senator Madrigal to get to the bottom of this!


Who is Mikey Ablan? Who is Dodie Puno?

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

The Philippine Star documented our Senator Jamby Madrigal's brave but unfortunately fruitless attempt to get Hayden Kho to say who his drug dealer is.
Sen. Jamby Madrigal, who chairs the committee on youth, women and family relations, vowed to dig deeper into the drug issue that she said may be hidden beneath the lurid details of the sex video scandal.

Kho told the committee that he and Halili were high on drugs during their sexual encounter that was caught on video. He said the supplier of the drugs was an influential person and known to many celebrities.

But Madrigal, who chairs the committee, failed to convince Kho to name the alleged drug supplier.

“Yes, this guy is very, very powerful, he knows the generals who can have me killed anytime,” Kho said. He said he also fears for the safety of his family.

He said the alleged supplier could also be the one who bought the sex video files for P2 million and had them distributed.
At the hearing, Jamby said that she already had information regarding the identity of the the big time drug dealer who supplied Hayden with the drugs and intimidated the Doctor into giving him the sex tapes.

The blog, New Philippine Revolution, gives clues to the identity of the drug dealer who is said to have been a boy friend of another FHM covergirl -- just like Katrina Halili.

Here is an excerpt from that blog:
Now, let me tell you that there are three (3) names under the PDEA watchlist and this drug supplier of Kho is the member of the Asian drug triad. He gets his ecstacy pills straight from abroad through couriers that pass thru the VIP airport passage.

He's not "old" as what Madrigal believes, but in his middle thirties. He's a son of a retired PNP general. He's the one who reportedly killed a former junior golf champ sometime late 2002 and continues to operate his illegal drug trade through his Pasig city residence.

He operates through his circle of friends, and these people are the same ones which Richard Brodett and the infamous "Alabang Boys" used to deal with.

Now, both Chua and this Rosario reportedly know this person, and has dealt with him several times before, according to sources from PDEA. He was the one who brought those sex tapes because of Katrina Halili, whom this person reportedly wanted to go to bed with.

This drug dealer also used these tapes to extort money from Belo and Kho. There were reportedly "feelers" and "pressures" coming from this dealer, that he'll release the tapes if Belo or Kho refuses to give him money. Belo reportedly resisted and that's why the sex tapes leaked out.

Now, again, who is this big-time drug dealer?
Another hint---he's very close to a legislator who supports charter change moves and once dealt with the wife of this legislator. The wife of this legislator reportedly used drugs (ecstacy and shabu) before. The wife continues her illegal drug use since this day. She was reportedly a party-goer before and gets her drugs from bars. The legislator also uses drugs.
There's reason for Kho to feel threatened since this drug dealer is "malakas" and "well connected" in Filipino society. The backer of this dealer is a legislator who's afraid of being jailed after this administration.

Now, in the halls of the 5th floor, one name is being spoken in not so quiet whispers.  And that name fits in with the description given by New Philippine Revolution.

Perhaps it is the reputation of this one person that has kept Senator Jamby from forcing Hayden to divulge the name of the drug dealer. Jamby is not a fearful person, having undergone rituals that have rendered her invulnerable to bullets and bolo attacks, but perhaps would just like to make sure that Hayden will stand by whatever he says and not fold when things get a little to hot.

In the halls of the senate, as I've said, at least two names keep cropping up.

One name is Mikey Ablan.  He is the grandson of former PDEA Chairman and now congressman Roque Ablan Jr.

Powerful and armed with a deadly reputation, Mikey is said to be the one also supplying drugs to the Alabang Boys.  Compared to Brodett and the other Alabang boys, he's a wholesaler big volume dealer.

Most probably, he gets his supply of drugs from the wide smuggling lane in our country's shores up north in Ilokos.

No one can touch him, it is said.  Not even the President of the Philippines, it seems.

He is well known among the well heeled denizens of Makati as well as the artista crowd that rubs elbows with them.

Another name that keeps on cropping up is Dodie Puno who of late had been linked to Gretchen Barreto.  Dodie is a member of the well-respected Puno family who fathered a child by beauty queen Alma Concepcion.

The Puno's have a Vice President in the making in Ronnie Puno, who is currently the DILG Chief.  They once had Dong Puno, also, who was at some point a powerful broadcaster and head honcho of ABS-CBN.


Sen Jamby fights on against the corrupt Villar!

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Statement of Sen. Madrigal on the Filing of Remulla Ethics Complaint

As usual, nang-aagaw eksena na naman ang mga alagad ni Senator Villar. This is a harassment case filed by a proxy. I welcome this case as an opportunity for me to prove that he is indeed a land grabber. Unlike his master Senator Villar, I will submit myself to the jurisdiction of the Senate Committee on Ethics. Also, unlike his master, I am not afraid to face my peers. It is unfortunate that Gilbert Remulla is allowing himself to be used by Senator Villar who did not have the courage to personally file this case against me. Kung inaakala ni Senator Villar at ng kanyang mga alagad na ako ay matatakot sa kanilang harassment, nagkakamali sila.


Katrina Halili finds an ally in Senator Jamby Madrigal

>> Monday, May 25, 2009

Women and children have always had an ally in Senator Jamby Madrigal, even as far back to the time when she was still a Presidential Adviser of the Estrada Administration.

In the midst of all the controversy surrounding the sex tapes of Dr. Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili, we can expect Senator Jamby to rise to the occasion and get at the root of the matter.

As Chair person of the Senate committee on youth, women and family relations chairman, she will lead the inquiry in aid of legislation.

She has already authored The Magna Carta for Women which will also provide enabling mechanism for the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Certainly we can expect our good senator to continue fighting for women's rights, especially that of Ms. Halili who apparently has suffered greatly after falling victim to sexual predation.

Everybody who supports Senator Jamby and her fight for women's rights should keep tuned to ANC on Thursday as the Senate begins its hearings on the Hayden Kho sex scandals.

I shall certainly be watching for my idol Senator!

Go Sen Jamby! Give 'em hell!


Who want's fried duck?

>> Friday, May 22, 2009


Hurray! Jamby's complaint vs. Villar goes to trial!

This is certainly a triumph for justice and a big loss against those who dare to commit corruption.

This article has been reposted here from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Villar to go on trial for C-5 road diversion

By Michael Lim Ubac, Christine Avendaño
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:25:00 05/22/2009

MANILA, Philippines—The vote was unanimous.

The Senate acting as a committee of the whole Thursday said there was a “prima facie case” to support the charge of ethical violations filed against Sen. Manuel Villar in connection with the purported double funding and diversion of the C-5 road extension project.

All 12 senators at the hearing, including the presiding officer, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, voted in the affirmative, thus authorizing the committee to go on to the next step—the public trial or adjudicatory hearings.

Villar and the other five members of the minority did not attend the hearing, having earlier decried the purported one-sided nature of the proceedings.

Enrile said Villar could not be compelled to attend the yet to be scheduled trial.

The original ethics rules would have compelled Villar to attend the trial under pain of being cited for contempt, Enrile said.

“But that was removed from the rules at the behest of the minority members,” he said.

‘Ganging up on me’

At a press conference held hours after the voting, Villar told reporters he was not surprised by the majority bloc’s decision.

“I did tell you earlier that I was willing to bet I would be adjudged guilty,” he told reporters in Filipino.

Villar, one of the senators aspiring for the presidency, said he was saddened just the same. “But that’s life. They ganged up on us,” he added.

On Monday, Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel predicted that Villar would be “hanged” by the majority.

In a text message following Thursday’s voting, Pimentel said: “The known world condemned Galileo centuries ago when he said that the world was spherical. The world was wrong then. The Senate committee of the whole is full of holes [and] is also wrong today despite a majority vote.”

Pretrial ordered

Enrile ordered the holding of a preliminary conference among the concerned parties right after the committee of the whole voted to adopt the resolution read by general counsel Johnmuel Mendoza finding “credible, substantial evidence” to warrant a public trial.

He directed the general counsel, special counsel and secretariat of the committee to meet “between now and Monday” behind closed doors to tackle pertinent issues.

A report on the result of the preliminary conference, which is akin to a pretrial in criminal proceedings, is expected to be submitted to the committee at a hearing set on Tuesday.

In the eight-page resolution, the committee noted that despite being informed on May 11 of the scheduled preliminary inquiry on May 14, Villar “neither appeared … nor responded to the charges against him.”

It said Sen. Jamby Madrigal had provided documentary evidence in support of the charge against Villar, “and without any responsive pleading or controverting evidence from the respondent, it appears that there is substantial credible evidence to support” the allegations against him.

These are:

• That Villar caused the realignment of the C-5 road extension project to benefit properties registered in the names of corporations owned and controlled by him and his family.

• That he is in a conflict of interest position when he failed to divest himself of his interests in the corporations whose properties were acquired by the government for road right-of-way for the Las Piñas-Parañaque link road.

• That he made an insertion of P200 million in the General Appropriations Act for 2008 when the project was already covered by an appropriation for the same amount in the same law.

Madrigal said her evidence consisted of maps, deeds of sale and certified true copies of documents, as well as testimonies of witnesses.

“I don’t care for a vindication. In the end, it’s the Filipino people who should be vindicated because if a senator indeed committed such corruption, he does not deserve, or even run for, higher office … We have to spare the nation of a president like that who will continue to condone corruption,” Madrigal said.

Not guilt or innocence

Senators Madrigal, Rodolfo Biazon, Jinggoy Estrada, Edgardo Angara, Juan Miguel Zubiri, Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, Richard Gordon, Panfilo Lacson, Loren Legarda and Gregorio Honasan said their vote had nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of Villar.

Legarda said there was a “reasonable basis to continue” with the trial after a careful study of the evidence.

But she said her final vote would be based on her “conscience, not the dictates of party, politics or personal interest.”

Madrigal said she voted to prove the veracity of the complaint she had filed. “I will stand by the evidence here,” she said.

Biazon voted “as a result of my examination of the pieces of evidence” presented by Madrigal’s lawyer, Ernesto Francisco, during last week’s preliminary inquiry.

Biazon said this would allow the public a chance to “examine what this issue
is all about.”

Zubiri said the trial would afford Villar the proper chance to refute the allegations.

“Let it be stressed that this vote is not tantamount to pronouncing the guilt of the respondent,” Zubiri said, adding that “testing the truth through careful examination of the pieces of evidence is a very crucial action.”

Estrada said he voted for a trial “although I have some doubts as to how Senator Villar may be liable for some acts that may be without his direct participation and beyond his control.”

But the case needs “deeper scrutiny and thorough study, and the participation of Senator Villar is necessary to bring out the truth,” Estrada said.

Gordon said Villar owed it to the public to give “an adequate explanation as to what actually happened.”

“It would appear that upon serious perusal of the presentation of the facts
as well as the laws that have been quoted, there will be prima facie evidence
against Senator Villar,” he said.

Roxas said the committee was only after the truth because the charges lodged against a fellow senator were serious enough to test the credibility of the entire Senate.

He added that the final resolution of the case would be scrutinized by the public.

Lacson, Angara, Aquino and Enrile did not explain their votes.

Aspirants, too
Villar pointed out that those who voted for a trial were presidential aspirants like himself—Roxas, Legarda, Gordon and Lacson.

Another aspirant, Sen. Francis Escudero, was absent in Thursday’s proceedings. “This is just a confirmation of what I’ve been telling you—that I won’t get justice in this hearing,” Villar said.

He also said that among the senators who voted that he be fully investigated were “the complainant” (Madrigal) and “the first to accuse” him (Lacson).

Villar to go on trial for C-5 road diversion

This is why he will not participate in the trial or send a lawyer, Villar said.

“I won’t attend because I don’t recognize this proceeding,” he said.

Invite him as ‘friend-senator’
But if he will be invited as “a friend-senator,” and not “as part of the committee hearing,” he will attend, he added.

Villar said he would continue to defend himself in the media and the public, but that his actions were not meant to disrespect the Senate.

“I love the Senate as an institution,” declared the former Senate president. “I led the Senate and defended it during the times its independence was challenged.”

Villar also thanked Estrada for saying he had doubts about Villar’s liability:

“I’m thanking Senator Jinggoy for those statements. I know he had difficulty in this vote. He was following the line of the majority, and I know in his heart he knows what the truth is.”

Prima facie case

Prior to the voting, Angara simplified the meaning of “prima facie case” for the benefit of the public.

He said a vote of yes meant that “you are convinced as a reasonable doubt that there is really a ground to believe that [Villar] committed the violations.”

In effect, Angara said, the committee as a whole was applying to the Madrigal complaint the same standards applied to preliminary investigations in criminal cases, which require a mere finding of probable cause before a case can be filed in court for trial.

But to convict, the judge—in this case, the senators—need to establish after the trial that the offenses charged were committed “beyond reasonable doubt,” Angara said.


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